Local Investment,
Local Development

“a think tank for trans-disciplinary innovation and entrepreneurialism”

We need healthy financial backing.  In order to realize its mission at the scale of industrial agriculture, I/O is actively searching for seed funding. Financing will be directed toward R+D at I/O’s Research Center, building out the I/O’s production centers including milling, filling, and packaging facilities and/or paying for access rights to Quaker’s operation in Cedar Rapids Iowa, strengthening the digital infrastructure of our market development partner, FarmLead, and funding the ongoing work of the I/O development team. Funders will be given a percentage of stock in the company equivalent to the donation. Stock shares will be capped at 33%. The remaining shares are split between farmers and I/O’s team members.  

“We see food and food security at the heart of our culture”

I/O is a think tank for trans-disciplinary innovation and entrepreneurialism.  Therefore we are also actively recruiting young agribusiness and systems managers, sustainable agriculturists, landscape architects, architects, engineers, industrial/product designers, ux/ui designers, marketing strategists, and political scientists. We put food and food security at the heart of our culture, especially in our generation. We are not afraid of science, but rather embrace it as part of our toolkit. Nothing is a panacea for the problems of late capitalist condition, but we want to accelerate our position in an increasingly automated economy. Associates will be working within all the arms of the I/O enterprise: R+D at local research centers, with local farmers in the field testing, monitoring, and implementing best management practices, creating the production ecosystems for I/O to grow to scale, working with the FarmLead team to increase app robustness and adoption, and leading PR campaigns to increase farmer adoption and visibility within local communities, as well as managing the I/O corporation. We believe that our knowledge base is broader than a single discipline, so all I/O associates will work between sectors lending expertise and growing knowledge production.

Locale: The Lower Missouri River Valley

Potential Extended Distribution Sites

Augusta, MO

Purchase: 50 Acres

Maryland Heights, MO

Purchase: 53.1 Acres

Hazelwood, MO

Purchase: 95 Acres

St. Charles, MO

Purchase: 83.52 Acres